Crazy from the heat!

In case you thought that the reason I haven't posted in so long is because I have been slaving away trying to create order out the piles of boxes, clothing and wayward furniture that have turned my apartment into a knee-gouging, hip-bruising odyssey of obstacles, allow me to disabuse you of such a belief.

I have been indulging most heartily in what is commonly described as 'goofing off'. Indeed, my office workload has not abated, and it is a rare occasion (such as this) when I have time to blog from my desk. But once I leave this building in the evening, pure silliness is the order of the day.

In the past few weeks, I've feasted on juicy brisket and pulled-pork sandwiches at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party, I've lounged on the grass while being serenaded by the likes of The Neville Brothers, and Joan Osborne, I've eaten and shopped my way through the mile-long Seventh Heaven Street Fair, and the list goes on and on. I've even managed to squeeze in some running in Prospect Park in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the never ending onslaught of calories.

On the agenda for tonight? "Rumble on the River" - outdoor boxing matches staged on the Hudson River waterfront. And I am just getting started!!

Do I feel guilty about having my house in the exact same state of disorder as when my boyfriend moved in three weeks ago? Certainly! But I would feel even more guilty about ignoring all of this brilliant sunshine. The world could blow up tomorrow, you know! Nobody ever lay on their death-bed wishing that they had taken that extra moment to Swiffer under the sofa. But I'd wager that many a soul has departed this world longing, just one more time, to feel warm sand between their toes, sunshine on their shoulders or the gentle, briny mist of ocean spray against their faces.

I will get back to my domestic responsibilities sometime soon (my knees just can't take any more battering), but I plan to pack a lot of dilly-dallying into the spaces between office work and house work this summer.

So kindly excuse me now, the Summer Solstice has just arrived, and I'm going outside to meet it.

Weather Update
Sadly, 'Rumble on the River' was a washout, as afternoon sunshine gave way to evening thunderstorms. No biggie, my calendar is still overflowing with lots of great ways to waste time this summer.