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When life hands you lemons.. or rather, when life hands you overcooked tuna

I planned to make a lovely Asian-themed meal the other night: soba noodle and edamame salad with ponzu dressing, topped with ruby-red slices of barely seared tuna, crusted with sesame, poppy and mustard seeds. Well, the salad was perfect, but thanks to a myriad of electronic distractions, I managed to overcook the tuna. It wasn't burned or anything, it just ended up fully cooked, rather than seared, and was not at all suitable for the application I had in mind.

So, we enjoyed the salad by itself, while I grumbled about messing up a recipe that I'd prepared successfully many times before, and contemplated what to do with all that tuna. The solution - Asian tuna salad! I just shredded the tuna, seeds and all, mixed it with mayo, wasabi paste, and a bit of chopped radish for crunch, and the result was utterly divine!

Easily the tastiest food mishap that I've ever had!

Sorry there are no pictures. I had to tuck it way back in the fridge to hide it from myself. If I were…