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Sakura Matsuri

Here's one of our fun, springtime traditions. Our annual pilgrimage to the Cherry Blossom festival, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Allergies be damned, I wanted SAKE!!!!
Let it be known that I paid for this later on with several days of swollen, watery, itchy eyes, and a great deal of wheezing. It was worth it!

Son of a Beach

So why exactly am I freezing my butt off on the Coney Island boardwalk once again? I'll tell you why : my sweetie decided to participate in the oh-so-fun Brooklyn Half Marathon. So, being this good soldier that I am, I followed him out the very edge of our fine borough to serve as head cheerleader, documentarian and general support staff.

I do have to say that my discomfort was somewhat mitigated by the sight of the massive turnout for this particular race (close to 6000 lunatics in all). I figured that if all these scantily-clad individuals were willing to brave the chill air, it really wansn't my place to complain about my fingers being a little numb.

And so, with the blast of the starter's bullhorn, they were off!

I proceeded to follow the crowd, on foot, and by train, to cheer on these athletes at various points in the race. And for those of you who would dare sing high praises of the New York City subway system, I am sorry to inform you that the winner of this race made …