dinner : caprese omelette

Tonight is omelette night!  Actually, omelette night was supposed to be tomorrow, but a scheduling conflict forced me to switch nights this week.

Anyhow, omelettes can be a wonderful weeknight meal, especially when you're pressed for time (and really tired from a workout).  The variety of fillings is only limited by your imagination.  Tonight, I'm going with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil, but there are a few other combinations I've tried with great success.

  • White beans with pesto and parmesan
  • Sauteed spinach and feta
  • Steamed butternut squash and goat cheese
  • Zucchini, shrimp and corn

..you get the idea.
Remember, you can always use egg whites or egg substitute if you have special dietary considerations.  Serve with a side salad and/or a slice of grainy bread, and you're good to go.

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