After the Storm

I headed to Prospect Park today for the first time since last weekend, partly to break up the gym monotony, and partly to survey the damage wrought by the tornado (yikes!) that touched down in my neighbourhood two days ago.  The cleanup efforts were in full swing, and the roadway was entirely clear, but off the roads,  there was still evidence of heavy damage, jagged tree stumps and torn branches among the grass and shrubbery.

Towards the end of my walk came the most heartbreaking scene of all, this massive tree, torn up at the roots.  I was one of the many who stopped in their tracks at the sight of this fallen giant, in awe of the destruction and havoc that seemingly came out of nowhere.  I've never considered myself to be the tree-hugging type, but I truly felt for this one.  Once the majestic king of the hill, and now a hulking mass of debris.  Talk about a dose of perspective!

and by the way
Today's magic number : 60.6 lbs
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